Tuesday, March 30, 2010

This is how you do it

When I checked my mail today the last thing I expected to see was my candle from WGSCandleCo! She shipped this little jewel out mega fast! I was immediately impressed by her little stamped box. So cute and professional!

WGSCandleCo also included an awesome business card printed front and back. Great design and not the typical "business card" shape. Very original!

The smell of Amaretto Chocolate wafted up from the box! Oh and my favorite color is purple. Pretty and secure packing materials!

I popped the candle in an old teacup, but she sells the Shot Glasses online. They're beautiful! For the record, she did not ask me to blog about her product. In fact she does not know I'm writing about the customer experience. I simply want to make a point. I've been reading in the Etsy forums little tiffs and arguments about whether pretty professional packaging is important or shipping time and "getting it out the door as fast as you can" is. Why can't it be both to create a memorable purchase and delivery? WGSCandleCo proves it CAN be both.

Thanks WGSCandleCo. :)

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